DIY Frame Corkboard

This is probably my favorite garage sale find of the summer. I was perusing at this older couple's house, and there was this man there who was low balling everything at their sale. He had a HUGE pile of stuff he was basically taking for free. I hadn't noticed the frame for some reason, but I heard him trying to barter them doing from $20 to $5 (ugh ya right??) I was curious what he was bartering for so I turned around and my heart started pounding. I knew I had to have it. So I  pipped up and said "5 dollars?!?! I will give you 10!!" And they went for it MuaHaha!! He was not pleased with me, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. 

I was originally going to turn this into a chalkboard... but I already have so many chalkboards and I wanted to try something new.... 


-old frame
-chalk paint or spray paint
-spray adhesive
-roll of cork
-old table cloth or fabric
-gorilla glue

I used a 50% off coupon at Michael's and got this small jar for like $7. Perfect Color!

It was my first time using a spray adhesive so I just got an all-purpose one I can use for future projects

Gorilla Glue... where would my life be without you??

Surprise!! you can actually buy a ROLL of cork at your hardware store, I picked mine up at Rona. It was the perfect size.

Step 1:
Paint your frame - I'm usually a big time spray painter but I couldn't find a color I liked in Rustoleum's options. I refuse to use Krylon, it is the WORST for drips!!! I sprayed it first but it wasn't the right color - so I opted for chalk paint. I ended up distressing mine a bit too so the embellishments on the frame were more prominent.

Step 2:
I rolled out my cork onto the original canvas from the picture frame, then I gorilla glued the heck outta that beast and let it dry for ~30 minutes. The cork was a little difficult to work with because it wouldn't lay very flat from being so rolled up and if you're not careful it can crack or rip if you man handle it. I had to stack quite a few heavy books on the edges while the glue dried.

Step 3:
I sprayed the adhesive on top of the cork and let it dry for a few minutes so it wasn't super super sticky - that way I could still pull and tug the lace around to center the pattern. Then I put some gorilla glue on the edges of the frame and laid it on top and snapped it into place. Cut off the excess lace/or fabric and you're done!! Easy Peasy.

Now I just need to find the perfect place for it in our room. I'm redoing our master bedroom so stay tuned for some more huge makeovers, my house needs a serious face lift!

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  1. Kylie! I love this!! So cute. The frame is awesome. 10 bucks--And you didn't even have to rummage through my landlord's creepy basement! ;) please come visit us. We miss you! And I have lots of fun projects we can do!!