Key Hook Knock Off

Ok you guys... I am a Pinterest addict. Go ahead... take a look at my Pinterest, I dare you. I also love to stash things in my garage. I'm surprised my husband is still supporting my hoarding. But I know I will find a way to use it all SOMEHOW... so anyways.. I saw this adorable key holder on Pinterest and I knew I could do it, and the beauty of it you guys is that you can do it too.


When I re-did my bathroom I had to take down my cute his/hers shower hooks a friend gave me for my wedding. It was a sad day. I knew I needed to use them somehow. They are too cute to not be hanging somewhere! I bought these 3 cute flower drawer knobs at Tai Pan Trading in the US. I think they were $3.00 each.
I used some spray paint I had lying around and sprayed just the flower hooks.

We desperately needed somewhere to hang our coats, hoodies, purses etc. (ok ok... so more like I needed somewhere to hang all of my crap that's normally lying around...) So voila! Way cuter in person

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