Stencilled End Table

Here is another one of those classic pictures everyone pins on Pinterest. You know why we all pin them? Because they are ridiculously cute. I'm pretty sure every single one of my friends has this pinned. We all love stenciling but have no clue how to do it. Let's be real people, most of us can't afford those $50 stencils from Michaels. So I made my own stencil with vinyl!


table: $5.00 at a garage sale
paint: free - some extra lying around
vinyl: free

Step 1 - This table isn't real wood so I didn't bother sanding or priming. I used a 2 in 1 paint + primer and did 2 coats. Make sure the table is 100% dry before putting vinyl on, or else it will peel off some of the paint when you remove it!!

Step 2 - I printed off a vinyl design and peeled out the areas I wanted to be white. I placed the vinyl on the
table then used spray paint to spray the top of the table

Step 3 - I waited until the white was completely dry then carefully peeled off the vinyl

Step 4 - I used a spray polycrylic for the top of the table for some protection

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